The Cooper STT: an All around Favorite Tire

If you are looking into getting a new set of tires for your on and off-road truck, the Cooper STT tires are a perfect combination of both worlds. Experience reasonable off-road performance in sand, mud, and even on rocks while enjoying a reasonably quiet road tire with harder tread compound to last the season all the way through. Getting all that power from under the hood to the ground can be a tricky problem; these tires get it done like a walk in the park, on any surface they perform exceptionally well.

Tread Design

The Cooper STT uses an aggressive tread design that is easily distinguishable from afar; the buttressed lugs that continue onto the sidewall are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing; these pizza cutters look stylish and get the job done. A special tread compound is used that offers a mix of hard compound durability with soft compound grip, this tread material coupled with the deep buttressed non directional tread pattern make rolling over any surface a joy to the driver.

Notched and scalloped shoulder lugs are designed into the tread pattern for optimal control over soft surfaces and even rock climbing. The center portion of the tread is made up of a central traction zone consisting of smaller non directional blocks that offer superior silent on road performance. For pesky rocks that always seem to try to find themselves into the crevices of the voids in off road tires, the Cooper STT has rock ejector ribs that run from the center lugs to the outer buttress lugs.

Tire Construction

The Cooper STT uses cutting edge design and market tested designs to offer a tire that is durable over any surface and will accept more than a season’s worth of abuse on the trail as well as on the road. These tires utilize an Armor-Tek3 carcass construction the sidewalls are protected and supported by two radial polyester body plies that protect against puncture, impact breaks, and bruising that may occur to the sidewalls from enumerable hazards that can be found on the road and trail. Aside from the two radial polyester body plies there is of course a third angled body ply that holds this entire three ply system together for increased durability.

Tire Sizes

The Cooper STT comes in sizes ranging from modest 30X9.50R15LT’s for light trucks and SUVs to massive 35X13.50R20LT’s for serious off road set ups. It is also available in standard sizes such as LT235/75R15LT which make it available for almost any Light truck or SUV street set up as well as dedicated off road vehicles.

Overall Performance

When it comes to performance the Cooper STT can get you from point A to point B with relative ease no matter what’s along the way. Unlike most off road tires that are designed from relatively soft compounds to allow for great traction and in consequence wear down extremely easily, these tires are made of a hybrid compound that allows you to stick to the terrain while outlasting the competition. Due to the fact that these are dual use tires for on and off road applications there is no worry of wearing down the expensive knobbies while in transit on road to the next trail.

These tires also alleviate the need to carry two sets of tires that have to be changed out; there is no longer a need to carry soft compound tires for the trail that get worn down by the tarmac and hard compound tires that slip on the trail. Whether over rocks, gravel, sand, mud, snow and anything else that the terrain can throw in the way Cooper STT tires can get you through it in an enjoyable and entertaining manner that will put a smile on any off roader’s face.

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