Know a little of child psychology

When parents think that they seem to know their children, then they better think twice. Along the way, parents will surely experience bumps and headache in dealing with kids. Along with the physical changes their child experiences from their toddler stage to school age and up till adolescence is also accompanied by emotional, mental, socio-cultural and even spiritual changes. Thus, this can all be summed up into child psychology.

Child psychology is one branch of the many branches psychology offer. But the scientific approach of studying as to why a child behaves that way is pioneered by many known psychologists like Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freud, Erik Erickson and many others. Their studies may not be thoroughly understood by parents but a lot of books that explains their studies in simple forms and incorporate it with day to day activities are out in the market. Bloggers also write articles and publish it on the internet to make it more accessible to parents.

Parents should understand that aside from the physical changes, the social factor should also pays a very big factor in child psychology. Whatever the child sees at home can be followed and practiced by the child when he or she becomes an adolescent and matures into an adult. This is where the customs, traditions and the values shown by the parents are mimicked by children. This is where children should be taught the basic right and wrong. Simple rules and regulations are ought to be followed punishment should be made whenever it is not followed.

By the middle childhood stage, the child then develops to be more independent. Aside from family, they slowly form friends and become attached with them. They pay more attention to what is going on in the world and they form ambitions and goals to achieve. They will then learn the values of teamwork and their desire to be accepted by friends are stronger. All these happen in the early year’s education. So it is best for parents to be prepared and reinforce positive things to their children as part of the child psychology.

Here, the role of the parents is very important. According to child psychology experts, this is where parents should reinforce habits and show moral support to their children. They should praise them for their accomplishments and talk them out whenever they commit mistakes. Asking them to help around with household chores can help them develop their sense of responsibility. At this point, the rules set should be strictly imposed and properly explained to the child that it is for their own good. Doing fun activities as a family assures the child that his family is there through thick or thin. Getting involved in school activities or attending PTA meetings are also crucial to show support for the child.

All in all, there are still other things that can be done to ensure that the child will grow to be a mature and better individual. But in order to do that, parents should at least know a little bit of child psychology to help them understand why their child is acting that way and what are the means and interventions on how t handle sticky situations with their children.

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