Dental disorders and discoloration

Better oral hygiene can save you from dental disorders and discoloration

Some time back, effective solutions for teeth whitening were not known. People with discoloured teeth used to hide their smile to avoid revealing their teeth in front of others. Fortunately, things have changed now and you can get sparkling white teeth in no time.

When god was distributing pearly white teeth to the world, lot of us were sleeping somewhere else and were not blessed. But with modern technology, it is possible to get beautiful white teeth. You can order teeth whitening kits over internet and use it to get whiter teeth within short duration. But if you cannot afford that or do not wish to spend big money on any kit, then also don’t lose hope as you can get whiter teeth using whitening kit voor thuis. You can prepare solutions at home using the items that are already there in your house and you can save lot of dollars that go away in teeth whitening kit or visiting a professional dentist for the purpose.

You just need baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide and mix these two to get a tooth-paste like consistency (1:1). Leave mixture on teeth for 2 minutes and brush, you instantly get whiter teeth in no time and that too without any efforts. You can use it for 2-3 times every week.

Dental care is an essential thing and you must take proper care of dental organs as you do for other body parts so that they stay healthy. Everyone loves bright and white smile but we ignore oral hygiene that includes brushing/ flossing/ mouth wash regularly. Some easy home teeth whitening tips can ensure oral health apart from giving you the confidence. Smokers and drunkards especially need to focus in order to save themselves from a variety of tooth decay problems while enjoying oral health as well as hygiene.

  • Soft-bristle toothbrush must be used to maintain healthy gums.
  • Replace your toothbrush with a new one every 3 months.
  • Brushing technique must be proper (inside/ outside/ upwards/ downwards).
  • Regularly clean/ brush your tongue to avoid disorders and remove unnecessary bacteria.
  • Brush twice a day, in morning before you eat anything and at night before going to bed.
  • Flossing with efficient measures is important for healthy gums.
  • Make a paste by mixing salt, glycerine, baking soda and peppermint. Remember not to inhale/ swallow it and use it for brushing only teeth. You can rub teeth for 2-3 minutes with this paste and you will get dazzling teeth.
  • You must not brush teeth vigorously and 3 minutes is appropriate brushing time as brushing for longer period may harm teeth in long run.
  • Visit dentist every six months so that your oral problems can be taken care of.
  • Avoid smoking & drinking as that can damage teeth badly resulting in mouth bores/ hairy tongue/ delay in wound healing apart from other problems.

Maintaining healthy gums is important to stay away from dental diseases. But if you have missed these and consequently suffer from dark blotches on teeth/ discoloration, then home teeth whitening would definitely help. And if you cannot wait any longer for those sparkling white teeth, you can use a recommended bleaching formula that would not only remove bad strains/ yellow tint from teeth but would also assure healthy and stronger teeth.