A quick look at home safes

There are a number of reasons why people want home safes. Home security safes are a great way to protect valuables, cash, identification and other important documents, firearms, and ammunition. Safes for the home come in a range of styles and shapes and, with the cost of technology and engineering constantly going down, home office safes are becoming increasingly affordable and available.

These days there are many options available to you depending on your needs and situation. It is necessary to compare types of safes for the home to make an informed decision. Since you are looking at home safes, or home office safes, if we impose a maximum $500 barrier, we can narrow the search down a bit. This still leaves you with many options. If your main concern is the protection of very important documents such as passports, birth certificates, contracts and policies, stock receipts, plans, and other financial documents, then you can probably look at a fairly small safe, which start at about $100. At this price range you can obtain electronic home office safes which are activated with a keypad combination.

Depending on the value of these documents it may be that you need to ensure protection during a fire too. Sentry safes and Brinks home safes are both good choices to consider here. They rate each of their fireproof home safes according to a set of independently tested criteria for how long they can withstand extreme temperatures. You can buy a small fire safe from either of these companies rated to withstand more than 1500°F for half an hour. Brinks home safes tend to specialize in smaller sizes, while Sentry covers the whole range. The smallest fireproof home safes, which are little more than lockable fireproof document holders, both retail for about $40. brandwerend kluis at kluis-brandkast.nl come in much larger sizes also and may be suitable to double as gun safes. While they may not totally prevent damage to firearms in a fire – they’re rated for documents, not firearms – they will protect against theft, and will go some way towards containing any explosion that could occur in a very serious fire. Either way, a gun safe is essential to any home which has both guns and children and, in some states and countries, storing guns in a safe is mandatory.

If you keep important data backups at home, either from your own computer, or an off-site backup from work, home office safes are essential. Some fire safes are rated as “media safes” which means that in most fires the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 125°F (52°C). This is important since digital media and electronic components are far more susceptible to heat damage than documents and paper. With a good media safe, you can ensure the safety of crucial data. Media safes are more costly than normal fire safes, for understandable reasons. You should always check the credentials of the testing laboratory which verified the fire rating on a given range of home safes before buying it.

All in all a home safe is definitely a wise investment.